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mortgage - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. . Or test your knowledge and have each page load with the definition hidden!

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review the meaning of each of these terms, as is provided in part 4. The defence . A puisne mortgage, as we have seen in part 5.1, is a legal mortgage in which .

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puisne: Definition from
[Old French puisne : puis, afterward (ultimately from Latin post) + ne, born (from Latin . is pronounced like puny and is derived from French puis né meaning ' born afterwards', hence 'inferior'. . How do you discharge a puisne mortgage?

  • Transfer of Property Act Ppt Presentation
    Aug 11, 2010 . LESSOR, LEASE,MORTGAGE - A PowerPoint presentation. . Means : rooted in land, embedded in land or attached to something which is . to second person also besides the first mortgage, it is called puisne mortgage.

  • Unregistered land: Nature of land charges
    Class C (i), the puisne mortgage The puisne mortgage is defined in LCA1972, s.2 (4), as a legal mortgage . Equitable profits a prendre fall within this definition.

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Law of Property Act 1925
(c)the interest under a puisne mortgage within the meaning of the Land. Charges Act, 1925, unless and until acquired under a transfer made after the .

corresponding meaning;. " puisne mortgage", in relation to any other mortgage of the same land, means a mortgage over which such other mortgage has priority; .

mortgagee - Dictionary of English
. dictionary. Or test your knowledge and have each page load with the definition hidden! . ?noun the lender in a mortgage, typically a bank or building society. ' mortgagee' also found in these Oxford entries: loan holder - puisne mortgage .

Definition of puisne mortgage
puisne mortgage definition and meaning by Oxford University Press.

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