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Can a student loan be considered a unsecured debt
Answer. A student loan is an unsecured debt. To be secured, there needs to be something, generally phyisical (but not always), that can be taken (repossessed), .

Pay Day Loans, Unsecured Personal Loans Consolidate Student ...
May 22, 2009 . Pay Day Loans, Unsecured Personal Loans Consolidate Student Loans Secured Loans - Compare. Abacus789. Subscribe Subscribed .

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Secured vs. Unsecured Debt |
Find out the legal difference between secured and unsecured debts, and learn . Common examples of unsecured debts include credit cards, student loans, .

  • Debt consolidation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Debt consolidation can simply be from a number of unsecured loans into another unsecured loan, but more often it involves a secured loan against an asset . In the United States, federal student loans are consolidated somewhat differently .

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules FAQ - FindLaw
"Secured debt" is a debt obligation backed by collateral such as a car or real . debt" includes child support payments and back taxes; and "unsecured debt" are . Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules treat student loan debt similar to priority debt--it is .

Secured Vs. Unsecured Stafford Loans |
A student loan is considered secured when collateral is used to help secure the . Secured Vs. Unsecured Car Loan; Secured Debt Vs. Unsecured Debt in .

Unsecured Debt Definition | Investopedia
Unsecured debt includes credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills and any other . Under the terms of a secured loan, the lender can seize the collateral used to .

Consolidation Loans » Unsecured vs Secured Debt Consolidation ...
After getting into debt may try to find the best way to start unburying with the bills and this is where unsecured vs secured debt consolidation loans come into play .

The Difference Between Secured Debt & Unsecured Debt | Bret ...
The most common secured debts are vehicle loans and home mortgages. . Typical unsecured debts include credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, and .

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